moving seamlessly between literature and crime

Note the small sub-caliber spotting rifle atop the gun barrel; splinter matresses hung over the gun; and door with porthole in the lower right. In the background...

     i can show you the ghetto/ cold
down by my soul, like dirt and
the earth. looks good, sounds
good. are you ever gonna 
go home? get things sorted?
do something for real. even
if trout rains from 
the nurses slack face. reigns
fuck those parties. coal eyes
and raven crux
saw/ the paw
when will this evolve. i'm already
weak with repressed ash from
that volcano pit i drank
out of

so trunk stone bath
i miss your mask! under glass now - pebble warmth
chasing them out
have you ever watched
a creamation? watched rubber
turn to dust?
it feels good now getting
things out. right after/
feeling bliss then, content
sipping crumbs through coughing oil
soda burn ababble
lounging by the columns with
banana leaves in their entirety
spelling is a gas and
mona saw the ocean 

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