purple pills

tribs out to soho
read ur title where beauty existing somewhere out there n
stoked to keepin it alive like glow fantasy
posters lookin too super stucks radd
new upon us nearly year with floating layer clloud layer red scissor like the time u dream my fortune cookie
if guts could be missed like listening outtta stream i would be....
booths up and awaiting like hardcore honour max
wall clipse of colour?? haha detox pyramid/ cannt wait
mouths n hellacoptarz har dotdot dot didoadot
= gimme gimme elevators swearing sweetly

i'm not usually into catz n their pics but for some reason this one i do!
desructive urgence
there a black layern feather wish
can't have too much dependence/ peeps n mayhem
hits n kids w no remorse curdled up and x bantered unwilling
tainted hunger
start to sing my name and so it goes


peace xxxxxx

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