magik potion/ yesterday's gone

don't be fooled by the amp, that guitar is plugged straight into his beard.
basic instinks say yes nay heyhey gabba woah there
so many places and the scarf wall so
hereby sum uploads seem to me though
you may like em
bit ov entertainment- crashing babes
here's sum of where i was throughout the past year:::::::::::::::::


so first a bit of rocky.......................

scarecrow out there on the right doin his part.....

there were also sum wayout psychy projections old school style

epic vocal wails to tha maxxx

soho tribs!!!!
this fine fine piece of psyched out delia should continue to repeat itself
forever and alwayz


Megababe in arms: jamie and michael for francis wolf
spectacular gig captured below..........


sewwwww hectiiiiiic!!! wish oldold camera didn't fill up so soon since footage went mega at a certain moment at a ceereeeerrrrrrtain momento victorian dress of whiteness and trailing waxy waxx reverberating bliss was all ears and
later we drank morphine and coloured rose bath moon murmur

watch THE sweet b+w quality version here


THE momentous occasion that was meetin patti smith + her band
(feather shiny black)

  wild thang

southern cross

 w legendary lenny kaye

 THE band of wildfolk


NY DOLLSEY DOLLS yehhhhhhahahahhhhhhhhhh


a brief moment of bliss
thank you 
jet boy


KANGAROO SKULL play tha forum:

sum pretty hectiic beats that's fo sho

(just pretend this is pony 2am show cos that's where we was.....woo0)

the one and only psych-melting RUBY SOHO:

>>>>watch another epic performance by soho>>>>>> here <3

revolution of love
thanks to our fave doll

sold my soul to the sound ov metal digitz.....
thanks to BURN IN HELL:

vid coming shortly...................................................... owh sew shortly...

(aminah slor)

tha five piece babe-fest BUNNY MONROE:

 want'sta be ur dawg shalalalaaaaaa

a must add:

booth radness in the spirit ov full-body abbaaa


Ruby's new Psycho's poster!!!!
too gewd



w rad chica raya rayax
what a mentaaaaal wild time that's fo sho
nother vid comin soon too......


bring on '012 bitchesssszzzzzzz


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